Subjects offered by Department of Health Education

1. Health promotion (for Master of Public Heath, Master of Hospital Management, First Degree of Specialization in Public Health)

Health Promotion for Bachelor of Public Health, Master of Public Heath, Master of Hospital Management, First Degree of Specialization in Public Health provides students with basic knowledge about health behavior, health determinants, comprehensive approach, basic methodology and skills to solve health issues through making plan, implementing and assessing health promotion programs. Based on the foundation of management science, policy sciene and sociology, this subject equips students with knowledge and skills to deeply analyze health issues, especially social factors. Therefore, students could design their interventions in appropriate and comprehensive ways throughout different phases and measures: behavior change communication, building healthy environment… and other solutions to solve heatlh problems.

As for Master of Hospital Management, Health Promotion provides them with basic knowledge on health behavior, determinants of health, comprehensive approaches, fundamental methods and skills to change behavior of targeted groups, especially who have linkage with health facilities (hospitals); relevant to criteria of health promotion recommended by WHO. Based on the basis of management science, policy science and sociology, this subject provides learners with knowledge and skills to analyze problem and make health promotion plan at health facilities in general and hospital in particular, then solve health issues and improve people’s health.

As for Bachelor of Public Health (fulltime), in the 6th semester, students can register the major of Health Communication and Education. Afterward, students are provided with specialized knowledge on Health Communication and Education through various subjects namely: Health Communication, Advocacy in Health Promotion Practices, Planning for Health Promotion Programs, and Evaluation in Health Promotion Programs.

2. Social marketing (for Master of Public Heath, Regular and In-service Bachelor of Public Health)

Social marketing plays a crucial role in health promotion strategies. Social marketing brings key healthy messages and products to targeted population through promotion programs which could help individuals actively select healthy choices in order to protect and promote health of themselves, families and community.

This subject is designed as a selective subject for Regular and In-service Bachelor of Public Health, as well as Master of Public Health.