1. Persional data:

Full name: LE THI VUI
Position: Vice Head of Dept., Lecture, Department of Demography – Reproductive Health
Degree: Master of Public Health (2005)
English: Fluent
Email: ltv@huph.edu.vn
Tel: (84-24) 2266 2320 (Office)
Address: 1A Duc Thang, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam (Office)


2. Education/ Training:

  • Bachelor of Economic, National Economic University. Viet Nam 1997.
  • Master of Public Health - University Libre de Bruxelles- (ULB) Belgium, 2005.
  • PhD candidate – Hanoi University of Public Health, 2015 - present.


3. Experience:

Working experience

  • Faculty member of Dept. of Demography - Maternal Child Health Care – Hanoi School of Public Health. Key responsibilities: giving lectures on Demography subject and quantitative research method (1999 to present).
  • Field of research: Demography,  Demography - Epidemiology Surveillance system, Maternal health care,  Sex ratio at birth,  Health equality

Main research and project

  • Researcher in Study on Epidemiological Characteristics, Diagnostic Methods and Early Intervention of Autism among Children in Vietnam (2016 – 2019)
  • Principle Investigator in Stakeholder Mapping in the Implementation of 2009 National Guidelines on Reproductive Health (3/2015 – 8/2015)
  • Coordinator in Saving Brains: Father Involvement in Vietnam (2013 – 2015)
  • Researcher in Study on Neonatal Jaundice in Chi Linh District, Hai Duong Province (2011 – 2012)
  • Researcher in Intervention to Reduce Alcohol Use Among Males in Le Loi Commune, Chi Linh District, Hai Duong Province (2010 – 2014)
  • Researcher in Community-based Intervention to Improve Father's Involvement in Breastfeeding in Chi Linh Province, Hai Duong (2010 – 2012)
  • Principle Investigator in Adolescent health project- Module 2: the risks and protective factors influence in Adolescent health. The Longitudinal study in CHILILAB (2008- 2014)
  • Researcher cum Coordinator in Demography Epidemiology Surveillance system in Chi Linh (CHILILAB site) (2003 - 2012)
  • Researcher in The Vietnam Multi-center Injury Survey, UNICEF, CDC and Hanoi School of Public Health. (2001)
  • Researcher in Evaluation pills’ acceptance in rural Vietnam, Howard Delafield International and  Hanoi School of Public Health. (2001)
  • Participating in Male' involvement in family planning in rural area of Vietnam Hanoi School of Public Health, 2000 -2002. (2001)
  • Worked as researcher in Exploratory work school girl’s sexual maturation and menstrual practices in Hanoi, Hoa Binh and Hung Yen. (2000)
  • Researcher in monograph  Reproductive Health of Major Ethnic Minorities from data of Demographic and Health survey 1997. (1999)
  • Researcher in the second in-depth analysis of Demographic and Health survey VN-DHS 1997. (1999)
  • Researcher on Adolescent Reproductive Health: Initial situation and impact of its contest. UNFPA, VIE/97/P12 Project. (1999)
  • Researcher in Evaluation pre-competition on Adolescent Reproductive Health . UNFPA, VIE/97/P12 Project. (1999)
  • Working as a researcher on "Promoting gender equality and male responsibility in reproductive health: baseline evaluation"- A study under the collaboration between Farmer’s Union, Women’s Union and Population research Consultant. UNFPA, VIE/97/P11 Project. (1999)
  • Data analysis for ICOMP's study on "Adolescent Reproductive Health: opinions of policy makers, program managers and implementers" 1998, (1998)
  • Associate, research on "Evaluation first communication campaign for Adolescent Reproductive Health", UNFPA, VIE/97/P12 Project. (1997)
  • Working as a researcher for AVSC's study "Factors affecting the safe delivery of IUD services" 1998, (1997)
  • Internship at Population Center of Hanoi National Economic University. Participated in survey design, data collection, data entry, data analysis, and report writing for the Evaluation of the effectiveness of Investment for Population Activities at Community level. (1997)


4. Publication:

International Peer - reviewed scientific articles:

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Book chapter:

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Other Publication:

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